Combining multiple E-wallets in one device

KonbiQR Terminal is a compact touchscreen device that integrates any country’s e-wallets and allow customers to make payments for exact amounts. QR Payments in every country tend to be slower than credit card or even cash payments- 1.take out your phone, 2.scan a static QR, 3.key in the amount you want to pay, 4.confirm payment. […]

A new record! 900% larger basket size than standard vending transactions

Congratulations to Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak! We’d never seen such a frenzy of loyalty and purchasing from any machine- and for the first time we witnessed someone purchasing 9 packs, $45 worth of dishes from our Magicbox in a single transaction, at 7am in the morning. We are big believers in the power of […]

Nasi Lemak Magicbox

Singapore’s top Nasi Lemak brand Boon Lay Nasi Lemak launched their Magicboxes this week selling a wide variety of delicious frozen Nasi Lemak meals. the Magicbox allows traditional retailers to reach new customer bases in an automated manner

Magicbox- a complete Vending Machine replacement

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Magicbox, which is an unmanned retail machine meant to address many of the pain points related to traditional vending machines. We spent the past 2 years refining this solution to address many little details, improving things day by day, to ensure we have a solution which can […]

Dreaming up new concepts

  We’re constantly thinking up new ideas and concepts to hopefully inspire clients, and give them new ideas. There’s an underlying stigma about vending machines serving unhealthy, old food, but why should this be the case? To us, machines are really just automated boxes. What you put in it is most important. A vending business […]

Early days of Konbini

Konbini was started not as a tech company, but actually as a fresh foods company. We started off using vending machines to sell healthy meals that we prepared daily in a central kitchen. It was fantastic! Being surrounded by all the high quality produce and being able to produce it in batches gave us great […]