Automate Your Workplace Equipment Management

Smart Lockers & Vending Machines

Used by Industry Leaders

Smart Vending

Dispense Fast Moving Inventory, PPE and Disposable products

Smart Lockers

Automate Borrowing & Returning of Equipment for immediate turnaround across multiple shifts

RFID MagicBox

Manage all sorts of equipment with the power of RFID tags on your equipment

Automate Equipment Loan Processes

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Restrict & Control Inventory Access

Individual Access levels can be granted to different staff easily from your computer

Prevent Loss of Equipment

All loans are digitally mapped to their Staff Pass. Receive alerts on late

Track Employee Usage

Easily study each employee's usage patterns to better optimise your equipment needs

No network required-Standalone

Your data is kept secure as there is no communication with external servers, and does not require any connection to your local network.

Staff Pass Integration

Our system recognises your existing staff passes with a simple registration step!

Regulate Any type of equipment

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