Real Self-Checkout for Bakeries


Camera Vision Bread Checkout


1.Place tray down

2. Bread is recognised

3.Customer makes cashless payment

3.Customer bags their own bread

Bakery owners, customers hate queueing to pay

Imagine how much manpower you could free up, if you didn’t need cashiers to bag your customers’ bread.

With MagicBuns, let customers self-checkout and bag their own bread, saving you time, manpower and plastic bags!



mACHINE VISION identifies every kind of bread product


MagicBuns relies on Camera Vision and A.I. Deep Learning to recognise your products, with just a few photos.

Incredible isn’t it? 


63°C guarantee

SFA-approved to Hot-hold for 24 hours!

Smart Lock

Restrict Access to Authorised Staff Passes only

security cam

Record Customer’s behavior in front of Hotbox-63

health stop

Disable Sales after X hours or if Temperature exceeds Safe range

2 to 6 seconds a transaction, guaranteed!